Faculty of MMEF

Cheryl Ferreira, AMI 3-6 trainer, London

Cheryl Ferreira
Cheryl Ferreira was born in Mumbai, India. She has worked with children from the age of 17, becoming interested in the Montessori approach while assisting in a Montessori school. Cheryl graduated with a BA Hons. and then received an MA in history from the University of Bombay. In 1998, she came to the Maria Montessori Training Organisation in London (MMTO) as part of AMI’s Training of Trainers programme, and in 2000 she became an authorised AMI Trainer. Cheryl is currently a senior member of staff at MMTO. She was the Director of Training for the 2009 AMI 3-6 Diploma Course in New Zealand and will be part of the training faculty for the 2015-2017 summer format course in Auckland.

Pamela Nunn, AMI 3-6 trainer, Sydney

Pam Nunn
Pamela Nunn has worked in the field of the education of young children for 30 years. She gained a Diploma in Early Childhood Education in South Australia, her AMI (3 – 6) Diploma with Sydney Montessori Teachers College, and has nurtured three children to adulthood. For 10 years, Pamela held the position of Directress and authorised supervisor with the Sydney Montessori Society at Lindfield. Pamela has been involved with professional development of Montessori teachers through workshops, Refresher Courses and Introduction to Montessori programmes. She is a convening group member of the AMI Alumni Association, is a member of the Montessori Children’s Foundation and Montessori Australia Foundation. Pamela will be part of the training faculty for the 2015-2017 summer format course in Auckland.

Carol Potts

Carol Potts

Carol Potts obtained her AMI (3-6) diploma in 1995 and B.Ed. (ECE) in 2001. She has worked with young children for more than 20 years and is currently Head Directress in a Montessori 3-6 environment. Carol is on the Management Team of the Maria Montessori Education Foundation (MMEF). She is undertaking the AMI Training of Trainers programme and will be part of the faculty of the AMI 3-6 Diploma Course in New Zealand..

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